Daiwa TDR Distance 25QD


Fishing, Daiwa, Big Pit / Baitrunner Reels, Carp and Specimen, Coarse and Match, Reels

  • Machine aluminium Super Shallow LC spool
  • HIP High Impact Line Clip
  • QD Drag
  • Zaion body
  • Air Bail
  • Air Rotor
  • Twistbuster II
  • Digigear II
  • 70mm machined aluminium handle
  • Spare spool

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Product Description

19TDR25QD 4.7:1/96cm 435/15.3 6 Mono 0.28mm-150m

Braid 0.18mm-200m



The iconic TDR livery has now arrived in the shape of a Distance Feeder special.

Compact geometric magic has been harnessed to deliver big pit casting capability for feeder anglers.

Designed around a 25mm stroke with a super shallow 65mm (lip) spool, the rotations of line release are reduced, using less casting energy. In addition, the new ‘LC’ spool features a double lip profile to further lessen line friction but still control the line corridor. The combined benefit is 5% enhancement of casting distances.

The geared down ratio of 4.7:1 ensures plenty of power but still eats up 96cm per handle turn.

Distance control is managed through the HIP – High Impact Line Clip and switching between a free running spool and drag selection is simplified thanks to QD Quick Drag.

The 70mm machined aluminium, wishbone handle not only looks fantastic but its ‘wind down’ locking ensures even greater power transmission from winding.