Drennan Red Range 11ft Method Feeder


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This excellent 11ft (3.3m) Method Feeder rod is equipped with 3oz and 4oz glass quivertips. These tips have ideal test curves, being stiff enough to register bites perfectly when fishing the Method feeder.


Product Description

The 11ft Method Feeder is more powerful than the Red Range 11ft Carp Feeder and perfectly at home casting large feeders and Method Feeders up to 55g accurately. It will comfortably handle ranges of up to 50 metres.

Its progressive through action absorbs sudden lunges and reduces the chance of hook pulls, allowing you to play quality fish with confidence.

The blank is finished in Drennan’s trademark Red Range burgundy with a cork and duplon handle, a screw-down reel seat and a neat keeper ring. Although designed for commercial fisheries, this rod would also not be out of place for targeting quality fish on small rivers and streams.