Fox Rage Prism Vertical Spin Rod


Fishing, Predator/Spinning Rods, Fox, Pike and Predator

  • Up to 50g
  • High modulus carbon blanks
  • Fast action
  • Light and balanced
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Perfect for deep zander and perch

Product Description

Fox is Europe’s largest independently owned tackle brand, with a reputation for stylish performance and functionality on any bank.  At home in both urban and rural environments, the Fox Rage Prism Casting Rod gives you the flexibility to cover a range of lure fishing tactics and situations. Fox Rage Prism Pike Casting Rod


Predator angling calls for precision tackle, and equipment designed to respond quickly, smoothly, and accurately.  It also demands that bait is presented right, first time – predator species are deeply suspicious, and will not give careless anglers a second chance to get their bait out accurately.


The Fox Rage range more than answers this call, providing well-designed, perfectly crafted, precision engineered equipment, tackle, and accessories to enable anglers to get the better of the big beasts below the surface, whilst striking an imposing presence on the bank.  When a brand with Fox’s well-earned reputation turns its attention to a particular angling discipline, you know the result is going to be products, tackle, and equipment that effortlessly out performs the equipment already on offer, and takes you streets ahead of the competition.


The Prism is a light, well-balanced casting rod that offers a fast action, making it suitable for a range of waters, from smooth commercial venues to fast-flowing rivers, including flood waters.


With a modern design and quality construction, these sectional spin rods are suitable for everything from light jigging to jerk baiting, giving you the freedom to adapt your fishing technique to suit the conditions, and accommodate the habits of your quarry on the day.


Fitted with high modulus carbon blanks, this 2-piece rod is 185cm/6.1ft, with a casting weight of up to 50g this rod is designed to perform well at light stalking work, enabling you to give precise, accurate stab casts, and giving excellent handling and performance for anglers of every level of experience, from those new to the challenges of predator fishing, right through to those who’ve been stalking for years, and have several large predator catches under their belt.