Fox Warrior S 42in Landing Net


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FOX Warrior® S
We appreciate that not all anglers can justify spending the type of money that our Horizon and Horizon XT nets command and therefore have produced a landing net that we feel will appeal to the angler on a tight budget that still strives for top quality products at value for money prices. Over the years our Warrior carp rods have achieved a reputation for offering such a service, especially our latest Warrior S rods, so we felt it only right that we should introduce a landing net that complemented these rods. The result is truly remarkable – the new Warrior S Landing Net, quite possibly the best landing net ever produced in its price bracket!
• Unique Fox moulded spreader block
• Unbelievably light
• Matt black carbon handle with white graphics
• Shallow 70cm mesh
• Arms have a 90degree angle on end to help protect the mesh
• Offers unrivalled value for money
• Supplied with net bag
• Available in either 42 or 46ins