Daystate/Brocock Spare Magazines



Please specify the model of rifle you wish to use the magazine in when ordering, we will ensure you receive the right magazine for your rifle.


Daystate/Brocock Spare Magazines

The new Daystate and Brocock magazine has an all-metal construction. It features a flip-open gate (cover plate) that makes loading pellets into the drum’s chambers quick and easy. The magazine stays in the correct position when closed with a small magnet, which improves pellet-to-breech feed. This ensures unrivalled levels of accuracy, often a fault with magazine-fed air rifles. So the new Brocock and Daystate Self Indexing magazines are suitable for both hunting and target use.

This latest design also offers a higher shot-count than the legacy magazine – 11-Shot .22 and  13-shot .177

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Excellent service. Bought two air pistols and did a deal with accessories. Nice gent served me and was very knowledgable.

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Excellent service. I recently purchased a new shotgun from Gilders and when I got home I discovered that a couple of the chokes were missing from the box. After phoning the shop the missing chokes were sent directly from the importers and arrived within two days. I might add that the gun was very competitively priced.

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Top staff, top kit with lots variety. not as cheap as online but no waiting and they are easily competitive with other tackle shops. Ample parking at rear of store great customer service and the most well behaved Labrador ive ever met

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Been in here a few times over the past couple of weeks. Very helpful staff and a pleasure to talk too. Called their other store on multiple occasions to see if they had items that the didn't have in Kettering. One of them (an air rifle) was in Northampton and they shipped it over to Kettering for me. Back again next day and again, a very helpful attitude from all staff! Highly recommended!

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I have used Gilders for all my fishing, shooting and clothing goods for over 20 years now and they are - and have always been - absolutely 1st class.

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Great shop, staff helpful and friendly. Jordan gave some good advice on my purchase. Shop looks small from the front but opens up to wide range of goods. Will defiantly use again!

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